10 Easy Ways to Add Color to a White Farmhouse Kitchen

White farmhouse kitchens seem to be what most people have or want to have lately. Many love the crisp look of an all white kitchen; think white cabinets, white subway tile, white open shelves, white farmhouse sink. But what if you'd like to add more color in your home?  Here are ten ways to add some punches of colorful farmhouse charm to your kitchen without a big commitment. 

Use Painted Accent Furniture
The possibilities are endless when it comes to furniture colors, but currently greens, blues, red, and black are trending. One colorful piece, such as china cabinet or buffet, can bring so much life to a space.  Want an even smaller commitment?  Try painting your barstools, chairs, or just the legs of your kitchen table. 

White Kitchen

Add a Rug
With the growing popularity again of Persian and Kilim rugs, as well as more colorful throw rugs, their gorgeous colors are brightening up our homes. They work really well in pretty much any decorating style including farmhouse, and in any room including kitchens.  Online retailers are making them an affordable option for adding a pop of color. You'll have to check on whether one is washable or if you're able to add a stain repellent if it will be in an area where drips are likely. 

Traditional Kitchen

Paint the Walls
Pick a color and go with it!  Too much?  Paint just one accent wall.  A wall painted in a color, whether bright or a subtle, can give you a beautiful backdrop for artwork or neutral furniture.   Painting a wall may seem like a big commitment, but really it's just paint.  If you are ready for a change later, it's only one wall so it's easy to paint it again.

Add Artwork
This may be the easiest way to bring color into a kitchen. A vintage oil painting can bring warmth and history. With the amount of free and inexpensive printables online, you can get great art easily and without spending much money.  You could even take your own floral, landscape, or creative photos and have them printed on canvas. My favorite site to do this with is CanvasHQ because they have free shipping on all US orders.   


Campbellville Kitchen
My Houzz: Iris Dankner
Forest park remodel

Display Colorful Glassware
Shop your favorite local or online retailer for a few pieces of glassware in the same color or different shades of the same color. Do you have a collection of vintage glassware or bowls?  Show them off on top of your cabinets, on open shelving, or behind glass doors. If your china cabinet is white or natural wood, colorful glassware can provide instant color against its neutral backdrop. 

Calm Cool Kitchen Makeover
Coastal Living Kitchen

Paint the Backs of Cabinets or Shelves
Got glass cabinet doors? Throw a little paint on the wall behind them. Your glassware will really pop against it!

Add Fabrics
Use dish towels, curtains, seat upholstery, or accent pillows in patterned or solid colors for an easy addition of color. If you're crafty you can change the fabric on your chair seats. 
Country Loft Kitchen
Meadow View
Paint Your Island
Again, it's just paint. With a small foam roller and a good brush, you can knock out this project quickly. 

Shabby-chic Style Kitchen

Elegant Country Charm

Use Colorful Small Appliances and Accents
They're easy to find. Pick a toaster or stand mixer in a color.  Or leave a vibrant tea pot or dutch oven on your stove top.

Coastal Stunner - Kitchen Island

Cottage kitchen accented with red

Change Light Fixtures
Pendant lights are a fairly easy changeout if you're a DIYer. There are lots of good tutorials on how you can do it yourself, but here's one from The Happy Housie blog.

New England Farm
ASID 2015
Laurelhurst Residence

So if you're feeling the need to add a little color to your white kitchen, consider these ways and let me know what you come up with!

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