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I'm really excited to be participating in my second $100 Room Challenge, hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry.  If you're interested, you can read all of the details here, but basically the goal is to makeover a room in a month with a budget of $100.  I love the challenge!  This time I'm going to finish our powder room.  

Honestly I wasn't sure I was going to be able to participate in this round of the challenge because Hurricane Irma has been looming for us.  I'm finally fairly confident that we will be able to actually finish... unlike last year when Hurricane Matthew flooded us seven feet deep while in the middle of another bathroom renovation.  Hurricane season in coastal North Carolina is no joke and it's not a great renovation season.  But I'm thinking this small project is do-able.

This was the very first room we renovated when we moved in three years ago because it was in the worst shape. It had had a big leak and was not functioning anymore.  We ripped out the old linoleum that was peeling up and replaced damaged wood and sheetrock.  We installed new tile and had to make new baseboard molding because the originals had rotted.  The base of the vanity was rotten so we replaced it with this antique cabinet that I found on Craigslist and topped it with an Ikea sink that fit perfectly. In hindsight, this cabinet is not what I would have chosen for this room, but I loved it at the time.  It isn't in the budget to get a new one and I could never paint that gorgeous wood so it will stay.

I also scraped the popcorn ceiling and repaired it like I did in my Coat Closet Makeover for the last $100 Room Challenge.  We also replaced the broken toilet.  It was quite the challenge to find a toilet that would fit in this tiny bathroom.  See how close the door comes to the toilet?

Now that I'm listing this all out I'm realizing we did a lot of work in this tiny powder room!  But like a lot of our projects, we got this one to "good enough" and moved on to another project.  So what is left?

1. Paint the Ceiling

When I chose the color for this bathroom I had what my Daddy would call "a wild hair," a crazy idea to do something different.  Instead of white, I painted the ceiling the lightest shade of blue on the color swatch card of the walls.  It was a nice idea but, with dark walls and low light the non-white ceiling just looks dingy.  I think this room needs a white ceiling.

2.  More Lighting

On the subject of low light, I would love to add a light fixture above the mirror.  The original fan/light combo unit we used just doesn't provide enough light.  That light fixture will have to be inexpensive but fit our rustic house. 

3.  Artwork

The plain spot on the left wall is crying out for some artwork, don't you think?  Now to come up with something...

4.  Add Shelves Above the Toilet

There is already a lot of wood in this room. And this house lol. So for the shelves, I'm thinking I would really like glass.  I'm going to have to price it out and find the best solution though.  And whatever I come up with cannot be very deep because the toilet tank is very narrow.

5. Re-stain the Baseboards

As I said, this was our very first project in the house three years ago.  We have figured out a lot of things along the way since and one of them is how to duplicate the stain color of the original wood trim.  This trim was my first time attempting it and it needs to be fixed with our custom stain mixture we've developed.

I think that's just about it.  I think I can do this in a month (notwithstanding any hurricane craziness). And I'm excited to see how far I can stretch $100.

But I'm not doing this alone.  There are a lot of creative and thrifty bloggers joining in!  Here they are and I hope you will check out their projects too!

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