Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Week 7 Sort of Reveal

I feel silly to call this a room reveal for the One Room Challenge because we didn't actually finish.  So let's just call this a floor reveal!  I had such high hopes and big plans for this space, but in the end we just ran out of time.  But here it is with the wide plank pine floor of my dreams!


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | More DIY Wide Plank Floors

Well.  DIY wide plank pine floors take a long time.  That pretty much sums up this last week.  I'm super happy with how they are turning out!  The money saved and the time it takes is kind of a trade off.  I'm going to tell you, I'm so glad big reveal for the One Room Challenge got delayed by a week!  With all of our wood delays we wouldn't be revealing much today otherwise.



Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Wide Plank Floors

Week 5 of our One Room Challenge project, our living room renovation, has been a busy one!  I'm so happy the deadline for finishing got extended by a week because we had a big delay getting the boards for our 12" wide plank pine floors.  Last week I showed you the big pile of wood in the living room, and it's slowly shrinking this week as we install the boards.

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_benjamin_moore_chantilly_lace_log_cabin


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Removing a Log Wall

This past week has absolutely flown by.  The biggest thing we accomplished was removing this log wall to open up the space.  We are just in awe of the change this has made.  Here's the before, when only a narrow doorway joined the kitchen/dining room and the living room.  


and here it is now!


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Delays and New Plans

Renovations are a roller coaster, baby!!  After my first post about our living room renovation for the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home blog and our plans for a new DIY wide plank pine floor, the project was dead in the water until today. We could not get the wood we planned on using from the local lumber supplier that we used for the apartment floor a few months ago. That was surprising because they seemed to have an unlimited supply before so it never crossed our minds to check before starting. So the room still looked the same.


Rustic Cabin Fall Porch | 8 Amazing Rustic Fall Porches

The back porch is ready for Fall now! I'm using non-traditional colors again here like I did on my purple Fall tablescape on the front porch a few weeks ago.  This time, because this spot already has so much red and blue, I'm going with it for my Fall decor, too.  I'm happy to be joining a talented group of bloggers for a Rustic Fall Porch Tour blog hop, hosted by Dawn of Creative Cain Cabin.  All of the gorgeous rustic porches are linked at the bottom!

So here we are!  Welcome to our back Porch!


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Before

Y'all!  We are about to start on a project I have wanted to tackle for three years, our living room!  It's a really big and slightly awkward space and I kind of just filled it with things we had already.  I didn't even paint the walls when we moved in three years ago.  I'm excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home blog again, and that means we will finish this project in just six weeks.  I've said it before, I work best under pressure and with a deadline, so this is good for me.


Fall Front Porch | Fall Festival Blog Hop

Hey! I haven't been doing much work with our renovations lately because "our" current project is adding shelves attached to the walls in the basement, which my husband is handling.  In the meantime I have been researching to design and plan our next few renovations (kitchen, yay!!!!) but also I've been having fun adding little bits of Fall to the cabin.  


Fall Decor in the Cabin

I love to decorate for the seasons, and Fall is my absolute favorite!  I think it's because the last few weeks of our Coastal North Carolina Summers are so hot and humid.  The minute we start cooling off, I'm ready to pull out the Fall decor.  I'm so happy to be part of a week long Fall Decor and Entertaining Home Tour.  Make sure you check out all of the other tours linked at the bottom.


Fall Tablescape Blog Hop

Are you as ready for Fall as I am?  I'm so excited that the temperatures are cooling slightly.  I even wore jeans today! Anyway, I'm very happy to be joining up with a creative group of bloggers today to share a Fall tablescape.  This year I'm using purple, pears, dried hydrangeas, and brass on my outdoor Fall table!



Coat Closet Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge | Reveal

 This coat closet/mudroom organization makeover is something I have wanted to do since we moved into this house!  It feels amazing to finally call it done! When we first moved in it was just an empty closet.  I knew it had great potential.  We did all of this for under our $100 budget..

Coat Closet Mudroom Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge


Coat Closet Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge | Progress Update

Coat Closet Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge | Shelves

I've been slow to start my coat closet organization makeover project until this week, even though it's week 3.  We had a long weekend trip planned and the kids went back to school last week so there hasn't been much renovation time. But we are on a roll now! I'm also including some back to school organization for this closet.  I'm making it over as part of $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin of Lemons Lavender & Laundry, all of the bloggers involved try to makeover a space for under $100!


Coat Closet Organization Makeover | $100 Room Challenge

I'm excited to join in on the $100 Room Challenge!!  Erin of  Lemons Lavender & Laundry hosts this challenge on her blog and when I heard about it, I knew it was the perfect challenge for me!  The goal is to make over a space with a budget of only $100 dollars in four weeks.  At the end of this post you will see all the amazing bloggers taking this challenge are working on too!

We are three years into our renovation and have been taking our time, paying as we go, trying to make the best and most economical choices.  If you're a regular around here, you know we've been working on getting the structure of the house itself renovated, like a new roof and drainage systems, as well as getting the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems functioning properly.  We've finished a few rooms but a lot of rooms have gotten to the "good enough" stage and then we've moved on to a more pressing project.  This coat closet is one of those spaces that has been "good enough" for the past three years.  It did its job, but there is certainly nothing appealing about it.  Here it is in all of its glory!


DIY Wide Plank Pine Floors [Part 2- Finishing]

Welcome back to our DIY install of 12" wide plank pine floors. When I left off on the last post, we had just finished the installation and were moving on to the finishing. In this second post I'm going to do my best to explain how we sanded, stained, and finished it. 


Log Home Tour Series: Victoria's Cabin

Welcome to the final tour of the Log Home Tour Series! The last Sunday of June is held as National Log Cabin Day, so each year I host the tours to celebrate!

Today we are visiting Victoria's Cabin. When I first found Victoria on Instagram, I thought she lived in a traditional log cabin. After discussing it with her I discovered it's actually a combination of stucco walls and log ceilings. Kind of an upside down log cabin!

Old World style post and beam cabin kitchen


Log Home Series: Christie's Heart

It's the fourth day and tour the third annual Log Home Tour Series, in honor of National Log Cabin Day on June 25th. Welcome! Today we are touring Christie's cozy and homey Alabama log cabin farmhouse.


Log Home Tour Series: Little Log Cabin in the Hollow

It's day three of my annual Log Home Tour Series! Welcome to Genevieve's Little Log Cabin in the Hollow.  This sweet little cabin on their farm was built in the 1840's and renovated in 1972.


Log Home Tour Series: Shelly's Dream Cabin In The Woods

It's day two and tour two of the third Log Home Tour Series, in honor of National Log Cabin Day on June 25th. Welcome! Today we are touring Shelly's gorgeous Texas log home.


Log Home Tour Series: The Pioneer Girl's Cabin

Welcome to my third annual Log Home Tour Series, in honor of National Log Cabin Day! National Log Cabin Day falls on the last Sunday of June, and two years ago I thought how fun it would be to use the entire week to celebrate the long and rich history of log homes. Log cabins were the original farmhouses, the reliable shelters of early homesteaders and settlers.  I love that log homes have been getting more attention on TV series lately, they're almost trendy even!  The preservation of the history of those old cabins is becoming more and more important the older they get. Nowadays log homes range from cozy hand built cabins to new cabins built with reclaimed log timbers to giant new log mansions. Each of them have a special place in the growing history of log homes. So get ready to tour an amazing log cabin or home each day this week!  

First up on our tour is The Pioneer Girl's Cabin.  I'll let Janel tell her story from here.

Log Home Tour Series: The Pioneer Girl's Cabin. This couple handbuilt their amazing cozy log cabin!


Summer Porch - Summer Home Love Tour

Welcome to the back porch!  I'm excited to be part of the Summer Home Love Tour this year and if you're coming from Honey n Hydrangea, didn't you love Jessica's tropical foliage?  I'm sharing what I've done to show our back porch some love. The three big porches were what caught my eye originally when I first saw photos of this house online and they are my favorite things about it.  Can you tell I really like red for Summer?