Outdoor Dining in the Cabin Garden and A Summer Blog Hop

Welcome to our cabin garden! This is a spot I don't think I've ever shared before, but this Summer I was inspired to set up a table for outdoor dining here. I'm so happy to be part of the Summer Festival Blog Hop, hosted by Kendra of Joy In Our Home! Each day this week brings something new so make sure you see the links at the bottom of this post to see them all!  Today we are sharing tablescapes!  If you're new around here and joining me from 2 Bees In A Pod or elsewhere from the tours, thanks for stopping by!

Alfresco garden dining under string lights


Summer Butter Bean Salad

You know how when you're a little kid and you think certain foods, especially certain vegetables, are so disgusting?  That's how I felt about butter beans, also called baby lima beans, my entire childhood.  But I came around eventually and now I love them, made this way, in my Butter Bean Salad!


A Peek In our New Tranquil Guest Bedroom With Highline Bedding Co.

We have made some great progress on our new guest room lately so I thought I'd give you a peek at it! I'm glad to get this done because this room will get so much use.  We've actually had three sets of guests stay in it this month while it was only partially finished!  

Log Cabin Bedroom with Highline Bedding Co Adelais Comforter


Log Home Tour Series: Carey's Country Garden

National Log Cabin Day falls on the last Sunday of June and each year I like to recognize it with my Log Home Tour Series!  This is the fourth year of my annual Log Home Tour Series!  Farmhouse style is so popular these days, but log cabins were the original farmhouses! This year I am sharing a very special tour with you, a farmhouse style log cabin.  It combines the very best of rustic log cabin and chippy farmhouse styles!  Just wait till you see what is inside!  Welcome to Carey's Country Garden Log Cabin!


Bold & Eclectic Log Cabin Living Room | The Big Reveal | One Room Challenge

The living room is finished!  We worked on it for the past six weeks for the One Room Challenge and had two big projects to complete.  If you're just visiting from the One Room Challenge linkup, a little history on our home is we've been renovating this log home for a little over three years now, starting with the structure and systems which took a lot of time since we are doing almost everything DIY. It feels so good to have such an important room in the house finally finished.  It's a fun room with lots of meaningful pieces for our family.  Because it's a huge room divided by the main walking path through the house, it's like we did two rooms.  Here's the main living room side.



Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | A Rustic Reclaimed Mantel

We are on week five of our living room renovation and finishing up the second big DIY project for it.  Now that the staircase enclosure is done we have been focusing on the fireplace renovation, especially adding a rustic reclaimed beam mantel.  Boy does this beam have a story!



Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Rustic Industrial Staircase

Welcome back to our One Room Challenge living room renovation!  This is already week four and I feel like this is the first week we actually accomplished something tangible.  After a slow start, the past two weeks have been full of planning and preparing.  This week we have continued to fabricate all of the pieces that make up our new rustic industrial steel staircase balusters and enclosure.  We just finished installing it tonight, and here it is all done!


Living Room Renovation | Week 3 Update | One Room Challenge

It's week three of our living room renovation!  We are on course to finish it in the six weeks allotted for the One Room Challenge.  First things first, I have to show you the amazing piece I found for this room at a local yard sale. 


Living Room Renovation | Week 2 Update | One Room Challenge

Well we didn't get too much done on our living room renovation this week, but we did pull off an outdoor 50th Anniversary party for my parents! After that was done we have been working on the design for the room, especially the staircase railing. Because anything in this log home is by default "rustic," we want to bring in a more modern or industrial feel in this area. Here is our rustic industrial staircase design.


Outdoor 50th Anniversary Party at the Cabin

This past Sunday we were privileged to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary here at the cabin with a Spring garden party.


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Here We Go Again! Befores

It's time for another One Room Challenge! We will be joining many other participating bloggers in making over a room in six weeks.  This challenge is hosted by Linda of Calling It Home blog and you can see all of the details of how it works there, but basically every week we will be updating you with our progress.  This will be our fifth time participating!  

Guess what room we're doing this time???  The living room!  Does it sound like we've been there and done that?  That's because we did, or at least tried to for the last One Room Challenge. See that gorgeous 12" wide pine plank floor?  That's as far as we got last time.  Well that floor and we took down a giant section of log wall that opened up the whole space.  Those two projects kicked our behinds and we didn't even come close to finishing everything we wanted to. This is our big reveal of the room from last time: Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Week 7 Sort of Reveal. So this time we are going to finish the room as we planned before.  So here is where we are starting.


An Elegant Rustic Winter Wedding at the Cabin

We were thrilled to host our very first wedding here at the cabin this Winter! Becoming a small wedding venue has been something I've thought about since I first saw our house and its potential.  I was thrilled when the bride, Erika, said she wanted to have her reception here with us.  Erika said she wanted it to be natural and woodsy, but with some touches of glam. So welcome to Miles and Erika's elegant rustic Winter wedding reception at Hood Creek Log Cabin!


DIY No Sew Bench Seat Cushion Using a Bed Pillow Upcycle

The antique vanity dressing table that I have been making over this week didn't have a bench or chair to match.  Being a little bit of a furniture collector came in handy for this project. I pick up pieces of furniture whenever I see curbside freebies, on trash day, or whenever a family member is getting rid of things. My husband calls me a hoarder. I call it planning for the future ;)  Anyway I had this old bench in my pile of project pieces and it fit perfectly under the dressing table! 

Check out what this bench looks like now!


Antique Vanity Dressing Table Makeover

I've been making progress on my daughter's new tranquil teen girl's room. Actually she calls the style "chill," which I will admit was hard for me to grasp at first. So I've been letting her make a lot of the decisions for this makeover, but guiding her along the way so it all works. One of the things that we thought would really add a lot of function to her room was a dressing table. She shares the bathroom with her brothers, so having a space of her own will be helpful in the mornings especially. My Mom gave me her childhood antique vanity dressing table a few years ago and I have been using it as a small desk.  My daughter is excited to have a piece of her grandmother's history, and also that it will be updated to her style.  

Antique Vintage Kidney Shaped Dressing Table Before


Hygge and Snow at the Cabin

Ya'll it snowed here!  I know that's not a huge deal for everyone, but we haven't had snow like this in seven years. It was unbelievable that we got four inches of snow and it didn't melt for eight days! I absolutely love snow and I've always been someone who needs cozy. I wear socks and sweaters year round. I can't wait each year until it's cold enough to have a fire in the fire place. Until last year I just called it feeling homey or cozy. Then I stumbled onto the Danish word hygge. 

I'm happy to be joining a Hygge home blog hop, full of ideas to bring hyggelig into our lives.  They're linked at the bottom of this post.


A Tranquil Teen Girl's Room | $100 Room Challenge

I'm moving on from the living room briefly to tackle a quick bedroom update for my daughter.  And another $100 Room Challenge is starting, so perfect timing! You can read all about the challenge, hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry here, but basically we will making over a room with only $100! I love this idea! 
Teen Girl Room Hot Pink Feature Wall and Surfboard


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Week 7 Sort of Reveal

I feel silly to call this a room reveal for the One Room Challenge because we didn't actually finish.  So let's just call this a floor reveal!  I had such high hopes and big plans for this space, but in the end we just ran out of time.  But here it is with the wide plank pine floor of my dreams!


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | More DIY Wide Plank Floors

Well.  DIY wide plank pine floors take a long time.  That pretty much sums up this last week.  I'm super happy with how they are turning out!  The money saved and the time it takes is kind of a trade off.  I'm going to tell you, I'm so glad big reveal for the One Room Challenge got delayed by a week!  With all of our wood delays we wouldn't be revealing much today otherwise.



Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Wide Plank Floors

Week 5 of our One Room Challenge project, our living room renovation, has been a busy one!  I'm so happy the deadline for finishing got extended by a week because we had a big delay getting the boards for our 12" wide plank pine floors.  Last week I showed you the big pile of wood in the living room, and it's slowly shrinking this week as we install the boards.

DIY_12_wide _plank_pine_floor_benjamin_moore_chantilly_lace_log_cabin


Living Room Renovation | One Room Challenge | Removing a Log Wall

This past week has absolutely flown by.  The biggest thing we accomplished was removing this log wall to open up the space.  We are just in awe of the change this has made.  Here's the before, when only a narrow doorway joined the kitchen/dining room and the living room.  


and here it is now!